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United Way of Putnam County
1800 N. Perry St. Suite 109 P.O. Box 472
Ottawa, OH 45875


United Way United Way United Way United Way United Way United Way  


The United Way of Putnam County provides an effective and efficient means for the community to support the vital programs of local non-profit agencies. Neighbor helping neighbor, we help the community to LIVE UNITED for the common good of all in Putnam County.


100% of your gift stays right here in Putnam County!







January 19 – Annual Business Meeting & Campaign Celebration

February 27 thru March 3 – O-G Key Club Book Bag Drive

April 6, 20, & 27 – Allocations Interviews

May 25 – Fortman Insurance Services Corn Hole Tournament

August 4 & 5- Stuff The Bus

August 14 – Back-to-School Giveaway

August 24 – Breakfast of Champions

September 28 – Campaign Kickoff & Putnam County Wing Championship

October 12 – Back Yard BBQ

Board Meetings – 2/16, 3/16, 5/18, 9/21, 11/16


Help build a stronger, united Putnam County. Make a one-time or recurring donation today!

Checks may be sent to: United Way of Putnam County, P.O. Box 472, Ottawa, OH 45875


Employee campaigns are the most efficient way to raise funds for United Way. Companies within Putnam County with an in-house employee campaign include:


Ag Credit, ERA Geyer-Noakes Realty, First Federal Bank, First National Bank, Fort Jennings State Bank, Fortman Insurance Services, Huntington Bank, Kahle Electric, Kalida Manufacturing, Inc., Knueve & Sons Inc., Kuhlman Builders, Northwest Physical Therapy, Ottawa Walmart, Palpac Industries, Poet Biorefining, PRO -TEC Coating Company, Putnam County Employees, Putnam County District Library, Putnam County Educational Service Center, Putnam County Local Schools,  RK Industries, Schroeder & Co. LLC, Technicon Design Group, The Pizzeria, The Union Bank Company, UIS Insurance & Investments, United Way Partner Agencies, Unverferth Manufacturing, Village of Ottawa, and Whirlpool Corporation.


For information or materials needed to conduct an employee campaign for United Way, visit our Campaign page or give us a call at 419-523-4505.




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